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Social Networking Website DesignYou never get a second chance to make a first impression. If your web site has a dated look and feel, you risk losing users to a competitor’s flashy new site.PLANETwebfoot's social networking design is tailored specifically to each clients brand and identity. Our team of dedicated designers will work closely with you during the Development Phase of your project creating a set of wire frames and mock ups.

Introducing the Trilateral Web Design Method

After the project commences we require a project specification form to be filled out. This form will be used to assess and determine which designers will be best for the project. We will then assign 3 relevant in house website designers to come up with 3 unique designs. After the client chooses a design, it will then go through a series of revisions until the final copy is attained. The Trilateral Method allows more flexibility and a higher quality design. Allow us to let your social networking website design ideas come to life.