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Our Social Focus platform is loaded with advanced features and has been equipped to be secure, scalable and search engine optimized for any online community. Since each project has different and distinctive needs, we built our platform to be flexible to allow for customization at any level.

Customizability and Design

Every inch of our platform is completely customizable giving you the flexibility to create a social network to your strictest standards.

  • All Modules and Functions completely customizable
  • Flexible CSS Modification
  • Customizable Graphics and Design
  • Layout Flexibility

Site Security

With our Social Focus platform, all sensitive information is encrypted and secure. We also take proper measures to prevent any misusage and ensure proper authority channeling.

  • Sensitive Data Encryption
  • Strict Coding Standards
  • Reporting and Abuse Module
  • User Blocking Tool
  • PCI Compliance / SSL
  • Administrative Content Control
  • IP Tracker
  • Administrative Banning Capabilities


All of our code is developed and designed to be modular and weightless with the ability to handle even the harshest maximum usage.

  • Clean and Efficient Coding
  • Mem Cache

User Registration and Sign In

Site entry is important and that is why we offer a variety of registration options. Users have the ability to sign up and access their dashboard in mere seconds.

  • Easy to Use Registration Form
  • Captcha Inclusion
  • Optional Questionnaire
  • Term of Service Checkbox
  • Facebook Connect
  • Twitter Single User Sign In
  • Forgot your Password
  • Newsletter Checkbox

Dashboard Functionality

The Dashboard is considered the central hub of the website and that is why we built our Social Focus software to have a clean, user friendly layout with a library of functions. .

  • Clean User Friendly Layout
  • Notifications
  • User Menu Options
  • News and Activity Feeds
  • Suggest a Friend
  • Birthday Notices
  • Personal Calendar
  • Upcoming Events
  • Real Time Update Feed
  • User Specific Vitals

User Interaction

Communication is the backbone of any Social Network and that why we decided to take communication to the next level. With the addition of Video Conferencing, talking to friends and other users has never been so much fun.

  • Internal Email System
  • Instant Messenger
  • Video Conferencing
  • Forums

User Profiles

Our User Profile system allows each user to create their own personal online identity in a stylistic and customizable environment.

  • Profile Pic
  • About Me
  • Custom Mini Profile Fields
  • Likes
  • Multi-tiered Profile Option
  • Send a message
  • Add as Friend
  • Updated Status
  • Personal Content (Blogs, Media, Events)

User Generated Content

Users are able to extend their online identity by interacting with customizable widgets such as Blogs, Photos, Videos and much more!

  • Blogs
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Documents and Files
  • Tagging
  • Multi-Ratings
  • Commenting
  • Favorites
  • Polls
  • Events
  • Real Time Updates


Users are able to access any content of interest with our powerful, fast and efficient search modules.

  • Users
  • Universal
  • Events
  • Media
  • Groups
  • Blogs
  • Events
  • Internal Emails

External Portability

Allow new users to flock to your Social Network with our different Share tools. Any interesting content can be easily ported over to well known Social Media sites such as Facebook and Digg with our External Portability modules.

  • Invite
  • Facebook Share
  • Stumble, Delicious
  • External RSS Feeds

Advertising and Promotions

As page views on your Social Network increases, so does your botton line. Our Social Focus software incorporates different advertising tools to maximize your ROI.

  • 2 Banner Spots per Page
  • Rotates based on Demographics
  • Banner Feed
  • Site Statistics
  • Google Analytics
  • Advertiser Reports
  • Points and Rewards

Admin Control

Retain full control over your Social Focus platform with our secure Admin Panel. Be able to monitor site usage and communicate with all users.

  • Profile Manager
  • Group Manager
  • News Manager
  • Administrative Blog
  • Broadcast Tool
  • Group Manager
  • Content Managed Pages