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Who We Are

Azterik MediaPLANETwebfoot is a subsidiary of Azterik Media. It was founded on the simple and ambitious idea of providing the best quality social networking platform to their clients. Established in 2006, our company started out by building niche specific social networks for a wide range of clients all over the United States. Since that time, our focus has narrowed and become one of the leading social networking companies in the social networking software industry. Our powerful social networking platform allows our clients to establish an online community that can communicate and interact with their target audience efficiently and effectively.

We at PLANETwebfoot understand that your social network is going to be an online representation of your ideas, and we take that very seriously. We maintain a constant commitment to research and development to ensure we maintain our reputation as a cutting edge social networking company. Give us a call today and let us make sure you are putting your best (web)foot forward.

PLANETwebfoot is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, with a Research and Development office across the river in Windsor, Ontario.