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Custom Social Networking SoftwareBuild around the clients dream...?

Do you want more than the core features offered by PLANETwebfoot's social networking software? Do you need specific functions tailored to your specific needs? All of our features and widgets can be tailored to your specifications. Let us know what you are thinking of and we will develop a completely customized application just for you.


Collaboration and Planning

Building an application from scratch requires a lot of collaboration and planning. These processes are essential to your enterprise being a success.

The first step is the Collaboration Phase. This phase is to identify the key features of your social network, who your audience will be, how they will interact with the website and what will keep them returning. This is where we will brainstorm and research to create a plan to develop your social networking software and a basic time-line for the overall project. Once the collaboration is finalized, a contract will be prepared with the proposed developments outlined as well as support, maintenance and other services agreed upon.


During the Development Phase, the framework of your social network site will be installed on our development servers. The development of advanced functions and features will begin. Our project managers will continue to collaborate and review with you during the development of your social network. The design process will also begin during this phase. Our graphic designers will work closely with you to create a set of wireframes and mockups while working together with our programming team, they will work out any usability and navigational issues to give you the most functional and visually appealing application.


Next, during the Testing Phase, every inch of your newly developed application will be rigorously tested by our beta testers to identify any problems or bugs which will then be patched and updated prior to release. Any concerns with development, design, or SEO, considerations will be made and finalized.


During the Launch Phase, your social network will be installed and configured on your servers with any adjustments and tweaks that need to be made to ensure 99.5% up-time and that your social network will run efficiently, even through spikes in usage.