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Below is a list of all our features that come with our Internal Focus platform.

Differentiated Functionality Summary

PLANETwebfoot’s Internal Focus Platform is custom tailored for the Internal Community. All of our social networking features are made to foster a user friendly, collaborative environment for the private organization.

  • Signup Verification
  • Admin Multi-User Import
  • Internal Events Module
  • Internal News Module
  • Security and Privacy at any Level
  • Project Management Section
  • Writeboards
  • Personal Calendar
  • Reminder
  • Multi-Tiered Profile System
  • Internal Twitter Feeds
  • Internal Blog
  • Diversified Search Functionality
  • Multi-Participant Video Conference
  • Industry Specific News Feeds
  • Corporate Wiki
  • Help Desk Module
  • Mentoring System

Customizability and Design

Our Internal platform allows for a customized look and design to match up to any Corporate Brand.

  • Modules and Functions completely customizable
  • Full CSS Control
  • Customizable Graphics and Design
  • Flexible Layout

Site Security

In order to have a total Internal Community, there must be a high emphasis on security. Our Internal Focus Platform utilizes different security protocols to ensure the privacy that is required for an Internal Community.

  • Sensitive Data Encryption
  • Highest Coding Standards
  • Reporting and Abuse Module
  • SSL
  • PCI Compliance
  • Administrative Content Control
  • IP Tracker
  • Administrative Banning Capabilities

User Registration and Sign In

Corporate Administrators are able to grant access and monitor all users in their organization by employing one of our Registration portals.

  • Private Registration Form w/ Administrative Verification
  • Captcha Spam Blocker
  • Admin Multi-User Import
  • Facebook Connect w/ Verification
  • Twitter Single User Sign In w/ Verification
  • Forgot your Password

Dashboard Functionality

We built our Dashboards to be informative, user friendly, while maintaining a clean appearance.

  • Clean User Friendly Layout
  • Company, Department and Network Notifications
  • User Menu Options
  • News and Activity Feeds
  • Industry Feeds
  • Internal Activity Feed
  • Internal News
  • Birthday Notices
  • Personal Calendar
  • Upcoming Events
  • Status Update
  • Notifications
  • Reminders

User Interaction

Communication is one of the staples of a successful Internal Community. That is why we offer an assortment of highly effective Communication Channels.

  • Internal Email System
  • Instant Messenger
  • Text Messaging
  • One on One Video Conferencing
  • Multi-Participant Video Conferencing
  • Forums

User Profiles

Our profile system allows each Internal User to network and access information regarding their fellow Internal Users.

  • Profile Pic
  • About Me
  • Custom Mini Profile Fields
  • Likes
  • Department Info
  • Education and Experience
  • Send a message
  • Add to Network Option
  • Updated Status
  • Comment Wall
  • Latest Activity

User Generated Content

Our Internal Platform grants users the opportunity to create and access any User Generated Content.

  • Blogs
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Documents and Files
  • Tagging
  • Corporate Wiki
  • Commenting
  • Favorites
  • Polls
  • Events
  • Real Time Updates
  • Incoming Internal Twitter Feeds


Access to information must be easy and flexible, and that is why we built different avenues to promote this access.

  • Users
  • Universal
  • Events
  • Documents
  • Groups
  • Projects
  • Events
  • Q and A

Full Administrative Control

The Internal Community Administrator will have full control over their Internal Network with one of the many Management tools our software provides.

  • Profile Manager
  • Group Manager
  • News Manager
  • Administrative Blog
  • Internal Broadcast Tool
  • Wiki Manager
  • Content Managed Pages
  • Invite