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The Top 5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Social Network

5. – A social networking site gives visitors something to do. The problem with most websites is bounce rate, people take a quick look and their off to the next site. A social network gives visitors a reason to stay. 4. – Increased Brand Awareness. As your sites membership grow, they will invite friends, family […]

Cooking + Social Networking = Recipe for Success

Bradshaw International a leading marketer of kitchenware products created a brand new social networking website to allow burgeoning chefs from around the world to connect with them, and with their products. They did this under the umbrella of Good Cook™. The Good Cook™ brand was launched in 1987, with an operating philosophy of incorporating quality, […]

Home Schooling Becoming More Relevant as Social Networking Software Evolves

With all the latest technology coming in social networking software, more and more parents are seeing value in home schooling. With schools beginning to adapt custom networks children are able to collaborate with classmates, check out reference material, chat with friends, watch lectures and submit homework all without ever stepping foot out the front door. […]

Getting The Most From Your Social Media Efforts

Think first, act second There is an interesting article over at today entitled 9 Things to do Before Entering Social Media. It was written by Lisa Barone, a trusted source in social media circles. The advice is sound and a great read for companies that are considering starting up an online community. It highlights the importance of having a […]

Businesses Embracing the Idea of Social Networking…. Finally

Social Networking Software is the fastest growing tool in digital marketing Social networking has been the new buzz term of the business world over the past quarter. Gone is the long held corporate notion that social networking is nothing but a waste time designed for kids and it’s been replaced by the idea that if […]

PLANETwebfoot Launches new Stage9 Software

Detroit, MI, May 10, 2010 — Just like every other aspect of the Entertainment Industry the quest for a large and loyal fan base is the holy grail for the music industry. Today, PLANETwebfoot, a leader in the social networking software arena launches its latest web development product, a social networking platform specific to the […]

Why Consider a Custom Online Community – The value in a niche social network.

Social networking is a pivotal feature of web 2.0 and has steadily increased its reach to millions of people across the globe. This medium is expected to make an impression even in web 3.0. Social networking website development relies on the efficient utilization of online communities and the use of in-house or public social networking […]

Upcoming Projects

Spring is in the air. New trees, new grass and for most people a time to re-evaluate. We have a couple really big projects coming your way this Spring. First up is the unveiling of our brand new Stage 9 Software. A social networking software package specific to the music industry. This is going to […]

Marketing through Social Networks

Social networking, in a very real way, has obtained virtually the top spot in the overall marketing strategies of most business that have an online presense. The entire marketing world seems to be focused on how to effectively use this tool. The idea of the social web seems for most to be easier and more comfortable […]

Is there value in a Custom Social Network?

he upside for the users of the various social networking platforms is fairly straight-forward. It allows them to connect, locate, rediscover and otherwise enjoy friends and topics regardless of geographical location. It seems that online there is a place for everyone. The upside for businesses has not always been  as clear. Businesses especially can gain a […]