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Archive for July 2010

Social network Creation – Beyond the Looks

Firms have found adding social networking software to their current website gives the boost to their online reputation they’re after.Custom social networks give potential consumers a reason to keep coming back to the businesses site.Businesses spend a lot of time concering themselves with how this new network will look.First impressions count but it is lasting […]

Social Networking must be here to stay, even The Queen is doing it.

The Royal Family took another step in the social direction with the launch of an official Flickr account. This is the latest in the monarchies social media aresenal which already includes a Twitter account and a YouTube Channel. The new account launched with over 600 photos from the monarchy’s past and present and even if […]

Many Companies Slow to Adapt to Social Networking

While you would be hard pressed to find anyone who is not aware of what social networking is, many companies still aren’t aware of the true power of social networking websites.  A study recently completely by Gartner, points out how consumers increasingly rely on information gleaned from online social networks to make decisions about new […]

NewBay Brings Social Networking Platforms to Android Powered LG Phones

NewBay LifeCache SNG is enabling users on the new LG service to instantly access popular social networks websites. New functionality also combines LG’s traditional contact list with social networking data to create a rich social address book. With SNG, popular information from multiple online communities will be displayed in a single feed on the LG […]

Ford used the power of Social Networking for Product Launch

This morning Ford Motor Company is going to unveil the 2011 Ford Explorer. This is not really anything new as it is customary for auto makers to launch their fall line ups at about this time. What is unique is the way they are going about it. They are not holding a press conference, or a traditional media release, they are opening the doors to the new vehicle on Social Networking Giant, Facebook.

Social Networking and Business – Good Match?

There is an excellent article today over at  Voxy about the benefits and risks associated with businesses tackling the growing popularity of social networking. Here is a great snippet from that article. Used correctly, social networking typically delivers on four main goals: 1. Increased brand awareness. Interacting with customers, prospects, suppliers and others using social […]

Social Networking With The Simpsons, Zuckerberg Has A Cow, Man!

Is Facebook better suited for the small vs large Screen? With all the flack Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is receiving from the producers of the soon-to-be releasedmovie “The Social Network,” he’s hoping to score some quality points with an image-makeover in a guest appearance on The Simpsons. Released in The New York Magazine’s Vulture report, its been reported that Zuckerberg has […]

And Then There was One

This week there is one social networking giant left standing above the rest, Facebook. Facebook reached a milestone with 500 million users, but on the other end of that scale was MySpace and reports of a drop in users by 49 percent. It highlights the fact that in the realm of social networking websites you […]

Social Networking and Social Media – Where it’s been and Where it’s going

A great article over on Mashable takes a trip down memory lane looking at the last 5 years in social media and social networking. It’s amazing to see how something that was virtually unheard of less than a decade ago has had such a meteoric rise. Here’s a small clip from the article; Five years […]

A Social Networking Car?

According to today’s New York Times, it’s already here, The social networking, micro-blogging trend is already a mainstay of the tech-savvy generation, but why would anyone want a car to send Twitter messages? And how is that possible? The car that could Twitter is AJ, a 2011 Ford Fiesta that’s a test bed for company engineers […]